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1940s Christmas Village Putz House

When I was a child my mother had these little cardboard houses with glitter all over them.  There was a hole in the back to put a light.  She also had little metal figures to go with the houses.  With them she made a Christmas Village under the tree.  As I grew older the houses […]

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THEY: A Biblical Tale of Secret Genders

  by Janet Mason Reviewed by: Vanda, author of the Juliana Series All the Bible stories from your childhood suddenly jump to life in Janet Mason’s new novel. They. The manner in which they are presented I found to be a lot of fun. The story is about a woman named Tamar who lives in ancient […]

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Review: Happy Hours: LGBT Voices from the Bars

  Story collectors:  S. Renee Bess and Lee Lynch   Our Happy Hours: LGBT Voices from the Gay Bars was born out the of tragedy of the Pulse Night Club Massacre in Orlando, Florida.  The story collectors, S. Renée Bess and Lee Lynch, were moved, enraged, frightened, emboldened with all the possible opposing emotions such […]

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Anne Hagan, Woman of Many Genres

Anne Hagan Intro and Interview Questions Anne Hagan is the author of the ten books and counting, Morelville Mysteries series, a mystery/romance series, the spin-off from that series, The Morelville Cozies which features the mothers of the two lesbian main characters in the longer series and multiple lesfic romance short stories, novels and novellas. Her […]

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Thank you The Lesbian Review and Reviewer, April Olympus Nights In The Square by Vanda: Book Review February 11, 2018 April, Sans Merci Press, Vanda Olympus Nights In The Square by Vanda is the second book in the Juliana Series. How would you feel if you were told who you should love and if you […]

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Reviews: Bitteroot Queen by Jove Belle, A Fun Read

Olly is leaving for another town; her wanderlust has struck again. Something is just not right. She can’t find the place that works for her so she’s hitting the road; she needs to keep looking. She’s been going from town to town for some time now, supporting herself with odd jobs; her dog, Rampart, is […]

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Who Am I? Who Are You?: The Physical Self

Who you are is certainly influenced by your physical self. Were you the best looking girl/guy in your class? Or were you the one who envied her/him?   Or maybe you didn’t care about her/him at all. How might each one of these positions have influenced who you are today? I met an attractive African American […]

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Who Am I? Who Are You?

 The Who am I? Question The “Who Am I?” question is probably the most important question we can ever ask ourselves. We usually start asking it sometime in adolescence and I don’t know if we ever stop.  Or maybe that’s just my issue.  Let me know if that question is important to you in the […]

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