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Reviews: Bitteroot Queen by Jove Belle, A Fun Read

Olly is leaving for another town; her wanderlust has struck again. Something is just not right. She can’t find the place that works for her so she’s hitting the road; she needs to keep looking. She’s been going from town to town for some time now, supporting herself with odd jobs; her dog, Rampart, is […]

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Who Am I? Who Are You?: The Physical Self

Who you are is certainly influenced by your physical self. Were you the best looking girl/guy in your class? Or were you the one who envied her/him?   Or maybe you didn’t care about her/him at all. How might each one of these positions have influenced who you are today? I met an attractive African American […]

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Who Am I? Who Are You?

 The Who am I? Question The “Who Am I?” question is probably the most important question we can ever ask ourselves. We usually start asking it sometime in adolescence and I don’t know if we ever stop.  Or maybe that’s just my issue.  Let me know if that question is important to you in the […]

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Who Am I, Who Are You?

Hi Folks, the blog in which we will discuss who we think we are from different angles will begin, hopefully next Tuesday May 2. It will if I’m not taken away by other work that demands my attention. This coming week we will be discussing our names. So if you want to get a jump […]

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The first time I became aware of Edward Albee I was a new freshman in college; it was during Freshman orientation. I had only arrived at Shepherd College, Shepherdstown, West Virginia that morning. How I got from Huntingon Station, Long Island to West Virginia is its own story and there’s no need to tell it […]

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Rick Walter, Producing Director, Talks to Vanda Writes

Vanda: Today I’m pleased to welcome Rik Walter to Vanda Writes. Rik has been with The New York International Fringe for some time. But before we go into that let me give you a run down on his previous extensive theater credits. Theater: Off-Broadway, Walnut Street, Orlando Shakes, Connecticut Rep, Two River (“Best Actor in […]

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Andrea Alton at This Year’s Fringe

Monday August 15, 2015 Today I am excited to have Andrea Alton with me on Andrea’s play, A Microwaved Burrito Filled with E-coli, written with Allen Warnok, opens at The 20th Annual New York International Fringe Festival on August 16. I’m always impressed with Andrea’s inventive titles. Andrea recently won the Doric Wilson Independent […]

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The International New York Fringe Festival: Paul Adams

Monday, August 1, 2016 Vanda: This year August 12-28, 2106 New York will host The 20th Annual New York International Fringe Festival. Each year the festival presents close to 200 theater and dance companies as well as individual artists to the world. ( us). In 2006, my play Vile Affections was performed at The International Fringe […]

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