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Writers: I’ve Got To Spread the News About The Author Marketing Club

There are all sorts of services being sold to writers, some good and many not so good.  The Author Marketing Club (AMC) is an inexpensive service that truly helps writers. To become a Premium Member it costs only $149/year, but a free option is also available.  Today I’m going to focus on how AMC can get you reviews because when a writer just starts out reviews can be very difficult to get.

img_2012Author Marketing Club has solved this problem.  They have a thing call The Review Grabber and this thing really works.  I’m not going to go into specifics here about how it works, but on my first try I got 24 reviewer names.  I contacted all 24 and heard back with the promise of a review from 15.  This came through in a matter of a few days. If you’ve been trying to get reviews from other services then you know these odds are fantastic!  Now, I have 15 people who are either reading my book or who have put my book on their queue.  One of the reviews has already been posted.  I expect over the next month that more will come in.  You need to be aware that these people are busy and committed to what they do. They love books.  Getting your review is still going to take time, but at least you’ll moving toward your goal.  It beats the ten months I waited with a caring company to get three promises of a review in which one came through and two didn’t.

If the Review Grabber was all AMC offered it would be worth the price, but it offers so much more.   There are all sorts of educational videos and lots of help for making your book stand out.  One time I had trouble working one of the programs and the head of the club helped me over Skype. Now that’s service.  You need to check it out  http://www.authormarketingclub.com

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