Paris Adrift – Vanda

Paris Adrift

Paris Adrift
Series: Juliana, Book 3
Genres: Historical Fiction, LGBT
Tag: Kindle Unlimited
ASIN: B07CS9769M
ISBN: 9780999099575

She wanted a safe harbor for their love. But rough waters could destroy any hope of starting over…

Paris-bound, 1955. Alice “Al” Huffman can’t wait to reach the City of Light. As soon as their ship arrives, Juliana’s singing career will get the spotlight it deserves and the two women will finally bring their relationship out of the shadows. Or so Al thinks.

Before the SS United States hits land, a stranger approaches Al with a Broadway contract for Juliana. But the offer comes with a threat that can’t be ignored. And unless Al can find a way out, Juliana’s comeback could come crashing down before it even begins…

As she hides the awful truth from Juliana, Al searches for an answer before another obstacle destroys their last chance for happiness…

Paris, Adrift, 1955 is Book 3 in a breathtaking LGBT historical romance series. If you like pulse-pounding suspense, characters who tug at your heartstrings, and true-to-life portrayals of 1950s Paris, then you’ll love award-winning writer Vanda’s stunning series of novels.

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About the Book
This story and these unforgettable characters will touch you very deeply because it certainly brought tears to my eyes during the really tough moments. Each book in this series reveals the harsh and painful truth about the way women, people of color and the LGBT people were treated during that time. There was so much inequality between men and women and life was very difficult for anyone who did not fit into the heterosexual mold. I am so happy that this story highlighted how far women and the LGBT community have come and the progress we have made so far. This story and by extension this entire series will stay in my heart for a very long time.
– The Lesbian Review
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