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Who Stole My Hula Hoop?

Who Stole My Hula Hoop?

Their hearts told them it was fate. Society warned them it was wrong. Can these two women begin a new chapter together?

West Hale. Forty-three-year-old Aurelia Barlow is relishing some time away from work. Strolling through familiar streets, the literature professor can’t help but feel drawn to a once-dead bookstore showing signs of life. But instead of being attracted to shelves of musty classics, she’s surprised when the sight of the quirky brown-skinned female behind the counter makes her heart beat faster.

East Hale Twenty-one-year-old Luz Trujillo Perez lives and breathes stories. Running her parents’ old bookshop to save funds for an English degree, the bookworm is suddenly distracted by an alluring academic who shares her deep passion for reading. And it doesn’t take Luz long to realize their connection is kismet, soon finding shared tales and emotions deepened between the pages of masterworks.

Battling their obvious chemistry, Aurelia struggles to publicly embrace an unfamiliar identity and fully commit to her spunky other half. But as Luz senses the hesitation from her closeted lover, she fears conflicts over their growing intimacy could destroy her own dreams.

With sparks flying as high as their misgivings, will this couple pen their new chapter?

Who Stole My Hula Hoop? is a charming standalone lesbian contemporary romance. If you like well-developed characters, intense passions, and touching emotional journeys, then you’ll adore V.N. Writer’s captivating tale.

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