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An Appearance of Desire
Why'd Ya Make Me Wear This. Joe?
Screaming in the Wilderness
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Vile Affections
In 1621 the government and church finally takes notice of Mother Benedetta Carlini. She has been claiming to have visions for eight years, but it is not until she begins to grow in power that church officials send the Provost to investigate this so-called mystic. The Provost seeks the truth, but the truth he uncovers shakes his world beyond anything he could have expected. Vile Affections is based on a true story of the first recorded Lesbian relationship.

"inspired script with ribald humor, flights of poetic beauty, and admirable grasp of the history, customs, social milieu, and religious controversies of the day" —Backstage

"Vile Affections is a visceral production that submerges you in ascetic austerity and ecstatic brilliance." — Lavender Magazine

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Original Works

Full Length

The Forgetting Curve
(4 females, 3 males)
The Forgetting Curve is inspired by the true story of "Patient HM," a man who was treated for epilepsy in the 1950s when he was 16; as a result he suffered permanent loss of the ability to form new memories. In this play, a fictional neuroscientist, Dr. Laura Nebbens, is haunted by her memories as she treats a man who hasn't had a new memory in 55 years.

The structure of the play mimics the fluidity of memory by blurring the distinctions between time and place. The main actions of the play take place in the 1940s/50s and the present.

People from the different time periods interact with each other. The young and old HM and the young and old Dr. Nebbins, at times, appear on the stage at the same time.

Claire is an African American woman who was once Dr. Nebbens' life partner, but is now a memory that haunts her throughout the play and makes her question her life choices. 

Under option to Theatrum Mundi; World Premiere at Boston Arts Center, Calderwood Pavillion, Sept 1-29, 2014

Patient HM (aka Memory River)
(4 females, 3 males) "Patient HM" in earlier workshop version of The Forgetting Curve.

An Appearance of Desire
(1 female, 3 males)
In danger of losing her job and desperate to keep her secret life secret, Professor Linley commits the most tragic crime of all. 

Available for production and staged readings, contact the author at

Why'd Ya Make Me Wear This, Joe? (aka Still Photos)
(4 females, 2 males) A 1940's love story, that just happens to be about two women. Aubra is a housebound, Fifth Avenue opera diva, whose career collapsed when she was crippled in the polio epidemic of 1931. Charlie is a modern day “Rosie the Riveter,” whose job as a projectionist at the Flatbush Cinema fuels her dreams of becoming a movie producer. 

Staged Readings: Emerging Artists Theater & TAP

Screaming in the Wilderness
(4 females, 2 males, 1 either gender, 2-4 primitives of either gender) "Screaming in the Wilderness" is a comic drama about a woman looking for God. A young priest (from a fictitious religion) comes forward who might lead her to exactly what she’s looking for, but she uses her TV news journalism to discredit him.

One Acts

You Can't Get Uptown on the Downtown Train
(1 female, 1 male)
On a deserted subway platform in January a working girl is accosted by a very unusual robber. This is my most frequently requested one act play. It works well for class work and competitions.

Kvetching with the Virgin Mary
(1 female, 1 male)
The Virgin Mary is trying to get her son to settle down and get a real job. This is my most produced play.

Our Lady of Stone
(3 females)
Cath Kyle, an ex-nun returns to her former convent when summoned by her old friend and mentor, Sister Dominic. Going back to the convent is not easy for Cath and shortly into the play it becomes apparent that Cath and Sister Dominic have a lot of unfinished business to sort out.

Afternoon Lovers
(1 female, 1 male)
Two middle aged professors meet for their usual afternoon tryst, but there’s something different about this day.

Twisted Appetites
(1 female, 1 male)
Sandy and Sam meet in the park for a blind date, which neither of them is too happy about until a strange attraction draws them to each other.

Work in Progress

Mrs. Ryan of Maspeth, Queens, a full-length play
Mrs. Hermione Ryan, a housewife, has lived in Maspeth, Queens, for 15 years, ever since she married her husband, WW II veteran, Russell Ryan. One warm Fourth of July day in 1964, a young newspaper reporter from the New York Times appears in the Ryan's backyard and asks, "Mrs. Ryan, I'm here to talk to you about your time in Poland when you tortured prisoners as a Nazi guard?" Based on a true story.