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Vanda’s Special Collections: Juliana Series Books 1-3

Vanda’s Special Collections: Juliana Series Books 1-3

Alice "Al" Hoffman and her childhood friends leave the potato farms of 1940s Long Island to follow their dream of making it on Broadway., but dreams come at a price. They soon realize that nothing will go as they planned.

Al meets Juliana, a singer who is everything this farm girl isn't. When her friendship with the glamorous starlet turns to something more, Al must decide if she'll follow her feelings into the gay underground or maintain a life that's normal by society standards.

Follow Al and Juliana's heart wrenching saga in this special collection of the Juliana series, a captivating work of LGBT historical romance. If you like spell-binding storytelling, characters you can’t help but fall for, and walking through the streets of 1940s New York City as if you are really there then get this bundle and escape into the story today!

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