The Juliana Project – Vanda

The Juliana Project

From Dec., 2014 to Apr, 2016 professional actors, in period dress, performed chapters from the novel once a month at a NYC nightclub.

We have a number of ways of helping newcomers catch up to the story so that anyone joining us for the first time in the middle of the novel will not feel left out.

Along with the performance of the novel singing and sometimes dancing from the time period is included. The Juliana Project was part novel, part old radio program, part play and part nightclub entertainment.

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Stay tuned... We're bringing it back!

Juliana is "...intriguing and (it) genuinely drew the viewer into the story with complex relationships and characters and twists in the plot. I recommend this series because it gives a peephole into LGBT history while being reminiscent of the 1940s era."

—Danielle Micell Cabaret Today, Aug 1, 2015

One of the most intriguing projects I've seen in a club in quite some time is the monthly serialization of "Juliana," a novel by Vanda that (was) officially released in February 2016 (Booktrope)….

Although it is technically a staged reading (scripts are within reach of the actors), the depth of performances, and the colorful dialogue (even minor characters leave an indelible impression) make it seem fully realized to the audience. (Kevin Hall Scott, Edge Media, Dec 4, 2015)

It’s daring to stage a novel, word for word, pages in hand, but it works at the Duplex, gifting the audience with song and laughter and heartache

At the helm of the book is our narrator Al, played so wonderfully by Molly Collier. I found myself immediately liking and connecting with her. She is an intriguing and most affable character, and has a great sense of humor for there is also humor in this. (Holli Harms, The Front Row Center, 2/11/15)